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Rosebud post gemstone earrings sterling silver

$16.50 - $19.50
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Genuine gemstone or art glass 8x4mm beads are wire wrapped by me into a swirled rose bud shape with sterling silver wire.  Each earring is approximately 10mm or 3/8 inch wide.

These are handmade and hand formed so each one will be a little different. Each is tumble polished to brighten and harden the metal. Comes with comfortable and secure rubber earring backs.

Also available in different beads, gemstones and metals.

There is a $3 upgrade fee for fluorite gemstones. Fluorite is a gemstone that I get in clear, purple and green colors.  I try very hard to find beads that graduate from one color to another and match them, but some may have 2 colors or a gradation of one color.

There is a $1 upgrade fee for blue lace agate gemstones. There is a $2 upgrade fee for turquoise and malachite gemstones.

This is my original design copyright 2011 Sue Runyon Designs. All rights reserved.

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