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Grey gemstone donut necklace sterling silver 20 inch

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I have wire wrapped a 30mm gemstone donut in various shades of grey with thick sterling silver wire with my own special technique and beautifully set it off with a custom handmade 4 strand rope braid in silvery grey satin cord. I have attached a large silver plated lobster claw clasp. End caps are glued into place and also anchored by bending the end of the coil into the cord for added durability.

Gemstone donut: 30mm (~1 1/8 inch) in shades of grey and putty color with accents of other colors such as lavender, ochre and rust
Wire: sterling silver on pendant, silver plated on clasp
Clasp: silver plated lobster claw
Cord: silvery grey satin 4 strand braid 4-5mm thick
Length: 20 inch (50cm)
Pendant: 2 inch (5cm) wire wrapped, hammered sterling & gemstone

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