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Wholesale Lot of 24 pairs rosebud spiral post earrings in 925 sterling silver and 14k gold filled

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This listing is for my approved wholesale buyers only. For more information view my wholesale requirements

WHOLESALE LOT of 30 pairs of my rosebud spiral post earrings.  You will receive:

  14 pairs in 925 sterling silver

  10 pairs in 14k gold filled.

You will receive a carefully curated selection of the most popular colors and metal combinations in gemstone and some art glass beads.  You will also automatically receive some FREE UPGRADES to gemstones such as turquoise and amethyst which are priced higher than other stock. You may also receive some special one-of-a-kind earrings using beads that I have in limited quantities and don't list on my site.

You may make limited general requests as to the colors your customers would prefer, but for specific combinations you must order at a different price.

Earrings are approximately 10mm, but vary slightly as these are completely handmade with beads sourced from different manufacturers. These come with comfortable and secure silicone rubber backs on light grey flocked earring hang cards.

These will be made to order and may take 2-3 weeks before shipping. Ask about current processing times.

Product details for 925 sterling silver.  Retail at $16.50-$20.50.

Product details for 14k gold filled. Retail at $18.50-$22.50.

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