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White flower garland petal pearl necklace

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Like a garland of soft white petals encircling your neck. Light, delicate and spring-like, this necklace has a lot of impact with it's mix of large freshwater keishi petal pearls and semi-round pearls and great luster. This is perfect for a spring dress or bridal wear, but can also be dressed down with a crisp white shirt.

5-6mm white freshwater semi-round pearls at the back and sides and large, lustrous 9-12+mm white keishi or "petal" freshwater pearls in front. The mixture of pearl types gives this necklace graceful style. Sterling silver filigree fish clasp is a traditional pearl clasp which is very secure and the necklace is traditional strung knotted between each pearl on a double strand of silk thread for a classic look and drape.

NOTE:  The semi-round pearls may vary slightly from those pictured.  The current stock is of a larger size and has better luster than those pictured.

I also make this in pink or black pearls when I have them in stock.

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