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Brown satin chinese knot pendant necklace amber glass

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Coppery brown and chocolate brown color satin cords have been doubled and woven into one intricate Chinese double coin knot which indicates prosperity and long life along with connection knots. I have added a pendant made with a lampwork glass bead in an amber color accented with a carnelian gemstone disc bead which dangles from a ring with a flower motif on it.

Necklace is approximately 17 1/2 inches (44cm) long and has a gold plated lobster claw clasp. Clasps are attached with the same care I give to my other satin necklace cords. The ends of the satin cord have been heat sealed and then folded over the clasps and stitched down with strong thread and fastened with hand wound coils of wire the ends of which I have anchored into the cord.

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