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Shell pendant butterscotch gemstone pendant necklace

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The perfect wear around town necklace for someone with olive skin tones. Pretty glimmering mother of pearl round shell pendant is traditionally hand knotted by me right into the strand with silk thread so you never have to worry about it sliding around or coming off. I'm not sure what the gemstone is for the light butterscotchy colored beads in the strand, but they are a good quality bead and the strand has been hand-knotted by me between each and every bead. There is one mauve colored fancy jasper bead above the pendant and the piece uses a mixture of sterling silver and silver plated findings.  Necklace has a large and easy to fasten lobster claw clasp. This one of a kind necklace is 19 3/4 inches (50cm) in length.

While the colors in this necklace won't suit everyone, it is highly recommended for olive skin tones!

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