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Memory wire cherry blossoms wide bracelet pink white lime light green

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3 plus loops of memory wire with an intriguing selection of quality beads in a blend of pinks, white and light lime green that reminds me of cherry blossoms in the spring. To carry out the theme, I have included some white flower beads and some porcelain Japanese print beads as well as many yellow/green jade beads. One size fits all, easy to wear bracelet that mimics the popular stacked bracelet look without the fuss of wearing multiple pieces.

Materials in beads can include beads in various gemstones, art glass beads, metal beads, crystals, mother of pearl, shell, cloisonne, cinnabar, porcelain, metal beads and freshwater pearls. Each bracelet contains an assortment of quality beads.

Can also be worn as cuff on the upper arm or an anklet.

You will receive this exact one of a kind bracelet.

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