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Medium copper oval cable necklace chain 2.3mm

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Select your own length of 2.3mm bright raw copper flat oval cable chain with lobster claw clasp from 14 inch choker to 36 inches. I have put on a chain end that is 5mm wide so any pendant with a bail larger than 5mm will slide onto the chain. Looks nice with my copper pendants. This chain has quality soldered closed links.

The price of necklace chain varies with the length of chain.


* metal: raw copper

* findings: anti-tarnish treated plated copper
* style: oval cable soldered links
* width: 2.3mm
* end: 5mm

This is a raw copper chain. Copper is a reactive metal which will develop a patina over time due to moisture, an individual's body chemistry, salt air or pollution. This may happen quickly. Copper should not be worn in the shower, swimming or for sports. Copper's reactive qualities are desirable to many people who buy copper as therapy jewelry and who realize copper's anti-microbial properties. To brighten the chain you may dip it in a mild acid like white vinegar or lemon juice for a minute or two, rinse and buff.

If you are looking for an oxidized copper chain in this style, you may oxidize it by placing the chain in a sealed jar with one mashed boiled egg and warm water. Keep an eye on it until it reaches your desired results--usually overnight. The sulfur compound in the egg will hasten the oxidation that occurs naturally. The clasp and jump rings are treated copper and will remain bright.

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