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Crazy horse stone bead strand necklace long 24 inch

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I have knotted painterly patterned Crazy Horse Stone rectangular beads into a long, 24 inch (61 cm) strand intermixed with small blackstone beads. Crazy Horse Stone is one of my favorite semi-precious stones as it looks like southwestern landscapes or cave paintings.  People are always drawn to it when I wear the stone.  The blackstone bead spacers add the perfect contrast and separation to set off the beautiful beads.  A combination of cream, black, browns, ochres, greys and siena colors, these earthtones are wonderful worn against black, dark colors or any skin tone.

Clasp is a large, silver plated lobster claw clasp that is easy to work.  Strand has been knotted on super strong nylon bead cord with little coils of french wire covering the stringing material where it attaches to the clasp for added durability. Crazy horse stone beads are each different sizes and a little different in shape but are roughly 7x8x15mm.

This is a one of a kind piece.  You will receive this exact pieces when you order.

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