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30 piece package of ivory sheer organza drawstring flat jewelry pouches

$5.50 - $6.00
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Your choice of two sizes of a package of 30 pieces of ivory colored sheer polyester organza flat jewelry pouches with a drawstring ribbon closure. Make your selection from menu.
* number: 30 pieces in one package
* size: 2x3 inch (5x7cm) OR 3x4 inch (7x10cm)
* color: ivory
* fabric: sheer polyester organza
* packaging: clear plastic

I use these fabric pouches to package jewelry for orders. I do not make them myself, but purchase them in quantity for my business. I am making my overstock available to my customers. I do not have them in any other sizes or colors.  They are a wonderful way to organize your jewelry and protect it from scratches while still being able to see what is in each pouch.

This item does not come packaged in a pouch or box. It comes in a clear plastic bag.

The 3x4 inch bags are $.50 more than the smaller bags.

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