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22mm silver filled hoop earrings sterling silver Swarovski crystal clear 8mm AB vitral bead

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.86 inch in diameter (22mm) hollow tube hoops earrings in 925 sterling silver filled with a lever clip closure. The dangles ares removable and are securely wire wrapped in solid 925 sterling silver wire with 925 sterling silver bead caps. The 8mm Swarovski crystal beads are of clear vitral AB which means they have an "aurora borealis" finish and a silvery-iridescent diffused mirror spot inside to reflect light.

* metal: 925 sterling silver filled hoop and 925 solid sterling silver for dangle
* style: hollow tube hoop with removable dangle
* diameter: 22mm or approx .86 inch
* width of tube: 2mm
* inside diameter: 21mm
* outside diameter: 23mm
* closure: lever
* beads: 8mm Swarovski crystal smooth round vitral AB

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