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10mm tiny endless hoop earrings sterling silver

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One pair of 10mm tiny hollow tube endless style hoop earrings in 925 sterling silver. These can be used to add small bead dangles to to make a variety of earrings.

IMPORTANT: Because of the style and the tiny size, these can be VERY tricky to latch and may not fit all ear lobes as the gap is only 6mm and the tiny ear wires are curved, but for the person looking for tiny streamlined hoops, they can be just the thing. The difficulty in fastening means these are not meant to be taken on and off frequently and are not appropriate for anyone with dexterity or vision problems. Please measure and take all this into consideration before purchasing. This is not a defect.

Number: 1 pair
Metal: 925 sterling silver
Style: hollow tube "endless"
Closure: hinged lever which fits into the end of the hollow tube to latch
Diameter: 10mm or .39 inch
Width of tube: 1mm
Gap between sides: 6mm 

If you have trouble fastening these, try flipping them around so they fasten in the front and use a magnifying mirror to see what you are doing.

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