Blue and white oval porcelain bead black satin cord necklace 16.5 inch

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One simple oval shaped blue and white hand painted china porcelain bead on black satin cord and affixed a silver plated lobster claw clasp. 16 1/2 inch (42cm) length. Bead is approximately 13x20mm.

* length: ~16.5 inch (42cm) 
* clasp: silver plated lobster claw
* findings: silver plated
* satin: 1.5mm black
* bead: porcelain china oval blue and white hand painted with flower pattern 13x20mm

great with denim or a casual black dress.

I finish the cord ends by heat sealing each, looping it over and sewing it down securely with heavy duty quilting thread. Then I cover the ends with hand-wound coils of wire to match the clasps and bend the coil ends into the satin to anchor them.